Cyber attacks by hackers

To understand why hackers attack our data, we need to take a closer look at the types of hackers, because not every hacker is evil and tries to benefit from the stolen data.

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1. White-Hat-Hackers / Ethical Hackers

White-Hat-Hackers protect systems of the government and many organizations with their excellent knowledge of cyber security.

During the integration and operation, systems can get a lot of security gaps.

The tasks of White-Hat-Hackers are…

    1. Detecting and closing security gaps
    2. Performing tests to identify security gaps
    3. Installing or creating safety programs
    4. Educating other employees about the risks and teaching best practices

In summary, White-Hat-Hackers protect the systems like bodyguards. They wait at the front door and try to protect the access.

2. Black-Hat-Hackers

Black-Hat-Hackers are the most dangerous type of hackers because they use their comprehensive knowledge to execute criminal activities like…

    • Creating malware and other damaging software to enter the system
    • Manipulating computer functions in the background
    • Stealing important personal, business or financial data
    • Blackmailing people with their confidential data

In summary, Black-Hat-Hackers find security gaps and try to enter the system like a thief. Their main purpose is to get sensitive or confidential data.

3. Grey-Hat-Hackers

In between these two types we already mentioned are Grey-Hat-Hackers. They use their knowledge and skills neither to protect systems nor to gather personal data and benefit from it. As the most represented group of hackers in the Internet nowadays, they show interest in data but do not  publish it or blackmail it’s owner.


If a Grey-Hat-Hacker finds a safety gap in a system, he reports it to the owner. On the one hand, he can offer the owner to fix the issue for a little reward. On the other hand, he can publish the issue on internet to warn users and help to protect their systems unofficially.

There are more types of hackers but these are the most known.

Why is data stolen by hackers?

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  Here are more reasons why hackers steal data…

    1. Personal enrichment (especially criminals)
    2. Economic espionage, government spying (companies, secret service)
    3. Economic sabotage, government sabotage (cyberwar)
    4. People who are curious to get Information they don’t have (could be anyone)
    5. Young people because they are too cocky
    6. Malicious people who want to have data
    7. Sence of justice
    8. Pointing out risks
    9. Hackers want to prove their abilities and comprehensive knowledge to themselves and their hacker friends

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